Or the James Spader show!

Let’s talk about the plot. A fugitive from the FBI most wanted list turns himself in and agrees to help the feds arrest bad guys that they don’t even know exist. All of them are part of his “blacklist”. In return, he will only work with a rookie female agent with whom they have a weird relationship.

As you may realize the plot is laughable . In fact, every other character in the series apart from Spader’s is like a cartoon. Terribly bad acting, shallow plot and you know how everyone will respond in every situation.

So why watch such an abomination?

James fucking Spader.

The man is a genius. When he is on screen, it’s like time freezes. Even the most ordinary words come out of his mouth like poetry. He captivates the audience and brings an aura of excellence in every scene.

I admit that I am an avid Spader fan from his “Boston Legal” days but the truth is that the man never disappoints.