I love Linux. After all these years of using it as my secondary OS, I grew to like the camaraderie and the sense of belonging in each distro’s forums. Like, we belong in a sect, we are the bearers of a greater truth and also “fuck Windows”.

I also love the software. If and when it works and as long as the next update doesn’t break an obscure dependency that was undocumented. And it is free. If your time to troubleshoot is free, that is.

Sarcastic as I may be, I honestly love Linux. I regularly install about 10 distros in a secondary partition I got in my other computer (not the work one – I got to eat you know) and play around to see how much things evolved. I play around until something breaks (admittedly 99% of the times because of my ignorance) and then I move on to the next distro and so on.

But I fell in love. And the name is (it’s in the title duh)…. Garuda Linux

An Arch based Indian distribution that comes pre-tweaked and…it looks great! It is absolutely stunning, I dare any Mac/Win user to post more elegant screenshots that these