You know the drill. It’s night, work is done or not done but you casually pop a video on YouTube. Then suddenly you are on “one more” mode and you find yourself listening to stuff you had either forgotten of their existence or never knew of it in the first place.

What I got today? Well, let’s see

I remember this song from the Ποπ & Ροκ glory days. It was included in one of their collections. Brute force cover
Gallon Drunk was a hyped band with mediocre songs in my eyes. But this one has lava running through the veins
A Prince song from 1991 – what a gem, what a voice and what a groove. The only royalty I will ever miss
Mr Somerville never sounded happier and poppier than in this 80’s classic, here in the extended version for extra keyboard fiesta
No music list of mine is ever complete without Mark. The only artist worth loving
Had this album “New Wave” and naturally, the best track in there was the hidden one at the end.
Ποίημα του Σεφέρη και Σαλονικιώτικο ροκ των 90’s. Nuff said